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From how to work a room through how to work social media, from how to create marketing plans through how to provide good customer service, here are the marketing strategies you need to make your small business soar.
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Help! The Internet is Killing my Business!
Having a hard time competing with people using online storefronts to sell similar products and services? Here are five ways your small business can compete with online businesses.

6 Secrets for Selling More at Trade Shows & Craft Fairs
Engaging the interest of potential customers and making them want to buy is the secret to soaring sales. Here's how to do it.

6 Sure Ways to Increase Sales
Shifting your sales focus is one small business marketing technique you won't want to miss as it can make increasing your sales easier. Here's what you need to know.

10 Ways to Grow Positive Word of Mouth
Positive word of mouth is a great way to grow your small business but can be slow. Learn how to speed up the process and get positive word of mouth spreading about your products and services.

10 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business
Get the word out about your business with these ten promotion techniques that are effective and inexpensive!

7 Ways to Increase Your Service Businesss Profits
Feeling stuck at a low income level because you cant fit any more working hours into your week? Learn how changing your business model and your marketing can exponentially increase your profits.

The 7 Best Places to Find Clients
The seven best places that you can find clients and advice for making the most of them to get more clients for your small business.

8 Mobile Marketing Strategies for Small Business
When it comes to mobile marketing, your small business needs to be there or be nowhere for an ever-increasing percentage of the market. Here are mobile marketing strategies for your small business so you can get the mobile marketing part of your marketing mix off and running.

27 Low to No Cost Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business
These small business marketing ideas will let you get the word out about your business without putting out a lot of money.

Your Small Business Advice
People who have been there and done that are always one of the best resources when you're trying to learn something - and learning how to best run a small business is no exception. Read advice from other small business owners and share your own advice on topics ranging from Facebook marketing and giving the best customer service through small...

How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign
Nike's famous slogan "Just Do It" is really bad advice when it comes to conducting a marketing campaign for your small business. A successful marketing campaign takes some planning and a coordinated effort. Follow these nine steps to make your next marketing campaign a success.

6 Simple Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Business
Marketing is a process, not an event. It involves planning marketing goals and implementing marketing strategies to achieve them. Placing a few ads is never going to draw the kind of business a small business needs to be successful. Here are six simple marketing strategies you can use to increase your customers and sales.

Customer Service Makeover
Good customer service is also good marketing. Learn how to make your customer service the best it can be with this Customer Service Makeover.

10 Cold Calling Tips
Does the thought of cold calling leave you cold? Cold calling is an effective marketing tactic if it's done properly. These cold calling tips will help you make cold calling a more successful experience.

Inexpensive and Free Marketing Ideas
Do you have inexpensive and free marketing ideas to share? Add them to this growing collection of marketing ideas.

17 Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses
Looking for small business advertising ideas that will build your customer base? This collection of small business advertising ideas presents both the tried and true and advertising ideas you may not have tried yet – advertising ideas for your small business to effectively reach your target market and attract new customers.

3 Keys to Successful Green Marketing
If you do it right, green marketing can help you get more customers and make more money. But if you do it wrong, you can seriously damage your brand. Learn how to use green marketing successfully here.

10 Ways to Get Your Marketing Unstuck
Have you ever found yourself knowing exactly what you need to do about marketing your business... and then not doing it? You are not alone. Many self-employed professionals find that the hardest part of marketing isn't figuring out what to do. What's hard is actually doing it. C.J. Hayden presents ten ways to quickly break through internal barriers and get your marketing unstuck.

Business Success Course
Now the popular Small Business Success course is available via email. Get a success lesson delivered to your inbox once each week for 10 weeks and learn how to market yourself and your business more effectively.

Speak For Success Course
Designed to help you shape up your oral communication skills, these seven speech lessons will make you sound more polished and professional – and ultimately, because of the power of good communication, become more successful.

Market Research
What is market research? This definition for small business owners includes market research resources.

Back to School Marketing Ideas
Back to school is now one of the biggest retail seasons of the year. Make sure your small business gets a piece of the action with these back to school marketing ideas.

5 Steps to Brand Building
The customer experience is the fulfillment of your brand promise, so it can't be left to chance. It has to consistently reinforce the brand promise across every customer touchpoint or the value of the brand itself is at risk. Scott Glatstein presents five easy steps to building a brand and an optimized customer experience.

Branding Basics – Create a Great Logo and Tag Line
A great logo and tag line are key to creating the kind of branding that lets your company occupy the beach front property in the minds of your customers. Here Karen Saunders provides logo design and tag line tips for effective branding.

Business Alliances Are Key
Chris Boothe of FavorWare Corporation explains how small businesses can compete with larger-sized competitors by leveraging their service or product offering through setting up business alliances. From About.

Business Marketing Tips Index
Consult this index of business marketing tips to find marketing ideas, ways to implement your marketing strategy, and promotion techniques so you can market your business and yourself more effectively.

Cause-Related Marketing
Cause-related marketing can positively differentiate your company from your competitors and heighten your company's reputation within your target market. And cause-related marketing lets you build a business that mirrors your personal values and beliefs. Steven Van Yoder explains how to make cause-related marketing the cornerstone of your...

Create Your Own Christmas Window Display
An attractive Christmas window display can be a real customer draw, luring customers into your store who might not have stopped otherwise – customers who are in a festive, spending mood. Use these five Christmas window display tips to create your own Christmas window display.

Creating an Effective Sales and Marketing Strategy
Improve your sales and marketing capabilities by breaking "sales and marketing" into discrete, manageable elements. Terry Elliott lays out the elements of sales and marketing you need to analyze to set up an effective marketing strategy.

Email Marketing
What is email marketing? This email marketing definition explains and outlines the basics of email marketing.

Getting Over Procrastination so You Can Get Marketing Again
Is procrastination getting in the way of the marketing you meant to do? C. J. Hayden tells how to recognize the signs of procrastination and how to break the procrastination habit so you can get back to marketing your business.

Getting Publicity for Your Business
Favourable publicity for your business is money in the bank. These tips for creating and capitalizing on events will help you get your business favorably mentioned in the press.

Giving Back to the Community is Good Marketing
Giving back to the community is a great way to give back to those who have helped support your business. And there are tangible benefits for supporting charitable organizations, too.

Green Marketing
What is green marketing? This green marketing definition includes an introduction to the key issues and general trends in green marketing, such as greenwashing.

Handwritten Notes: The Most Powerful Follow Up
What’s the best way to follow up? The phone call? The text message? The email? No - none of these. The best way to follow up is still the handwritten note. Here's why and how to use handwritten notes to increase your business.

How to Get Your Products into the Big Box Retailers
Ever wonder how your company might become a Wal-Mart supplier or dream about getting your products onto a big box retailer’s shelves? This article explains the procedure for becoming a Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Costco supplier and gives tips for making your company and products more appealing to big box retailers.

How to Remember Names: Winning the Name Game
Using a person’s name shows respect and honors him or her as an individual - but only if you remember his name and pronounce it properly. Have trouble remembering names? These tips from Craig Harrison will help you remember names and win the name game.

Increasing Sales in Existing Markets
Increasing your sales in your existing market is a business growth strategy that any small business can use and is one of the easiest growth strategies to implement. Use these tips to start increasing your sales.

Marketing Definition - Marketing Basics
What is marketing? This marketing definition explains and outlines the marketing basics that are the key components of a marketing plan for any business.

Mobile Marketing
This mobile marketing definition includes current mobile marketing trends and a growth prediction for the mobile advertising market.

SMS Marketing
This definition of SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, includes an explanation of SMS marketing’s advantages.

One-Stop Marketing Resources
Advertising, marketing plans, promoting your business, and improving customer service online and offline are all covered in these marketing features from your Small Business: Canada Guide and other About.com Guides.

Online Marketing
What is online marketing? This online marketing definition explains and outlines the basics of online marketing.

Present a Professional Image
Audrey Field provides tips for ensuring that your small or home-based business presents a professional image at all times, including how to handle phone calls and client bookings in a professional manner.

Presenting a Trustworthy Business Image
Projection is nine tenths of success. To get business you need to project an image that attracts potential customers and clients, rather than repels them. Here are some pointers to ensure that your business image is all it should be.

Selling Definition
What's selling all about? A definition of selling and selling skills resources for small business owners.

Target Marketing Definition
Here is a basic definition of target marketing including an explanation of the basics of market segmentation.

Top 10 Ways to Get Known
If your business involves selling services or products directly to consumers, getting known should be your paramount marketing strategy. If you're just starting out, here’s a cheat sheet of what you should or could be doing to get known. And if you're already established, read through the list and see if there are any strategies you’ve missed...

Turn Your Services Into a Product
Turning your professional services into a product and offering a package for a flat fee can make marketing professional services much easier, says C.J. Hayden – and more lucrative than marketing your professional services by the hour. Here’s how.

Unique Selling Proposition
What is a Unique Selling Proposition and why is having one so important to your small business? This unique selling proposition definition explains.

Wanted: 100 Referral Partners
The best way for any self-employed professional to get clients is by referral. But the process of building sufficient word of mouth to produce the number of clients you need can seem daunting. C. J. Hayden explains how to simplify the process by building a circle of referral partners.

What is a QR Code & How Can I Get One?
What is a QR code? This QR code definition explains what a QR code is and how your small business can get started using them.

Growing Word of Mouth
Word of mouth can be the best thing since sliced bread if you own a small business. But what is word of mouth and how do you get it working for you? This word of mouth definition explains.

Work Is Necessary: Struggle Is Optional
Having trouble getting enough clients to pay the bills or feel that you're spending more money to get each client than the sale is worth? C.J. Hayden explains how to move from struggle-based marketing to effortless marketing and get all the clients you need.

Developing a Reputation
Reputation is a consultant's most valuable asset because it drives word-of-mouth marketing. But what do you do until you have reference clients? Entrepreneurs Guide Scott Allen covers five ways to build reputation, most of which only cost time.

Quantifying Your Marketing Efforts
It's vital to develop a consistent plan and strategy that will help you project, measure and evaluate your marketing campaigns. Without it you are simply going about marketing blindly, says Laura Lake, About.com Marketing Guide. Here she explains three methods for measuring the success of your marketing efforts.

Canadian Marketing Association
Special events, awards, guides and handbooks for Canadian direct marketers, and useful consumer information.

Marketing Strategy
An explanation of what a marketing strategy is, with a checklist you can use to create your own (CCH Business Owner's Toolkit Guidebook).

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