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Payroll Taxes

Everything you need to know about payroll taxes, from how to fill out the ROE to payroll deductions.

Guide to Canadian Payroll Deductions
Are you a new Canadian employer wondering how to do payroll? This Guide to Canadian Payroll Deductions explains everything you need to do to stay on the right side of the Canada Revenue Agency, including exactly what and how to deduct payroll taxes from each employee's pay.

Gifts to Employees Are Tax Deductible
Giving your employees gifts or awards instead of cash bonuses has tax benefits for both employers and employees. Here are the rules.

Record of Employment
What is the Record of Employment and when and how do Canadian employers have to fill one out? This Record of Employment definition explains.

What Is a Taxable Benefit?
This definition of taxable benefit explains how taxable benefits affect the payroll of employers and the Canadian income tax of employees.

Payroll Deductions Online Calculator
The goal of this Payroll Deductions Online Calculator is to make it easier for employers to calculate their payroll deductions. It includes a feature to help employers make sure that enough Canada Pension Plan contributions and Employment Insurance premiums have been withheld for the past and current years.

Employer's Guide to Filing The T4 Slip and Summary Form
From what to do if an employee leaves through detailed instructions on when and how to complete T4 slips, this guide from the Canada Revenue Agency provides the information that employers need.

Employer's Guide: Payroll Deductions - Basic Information
This guide from the CRA explains your duties as an employer, including how to deduct CPP, income tax, and Employment Insurance and how to deal with special payments.

Employers' Guide - Taxable Benefits
This guide from the Canada Revenue Agency is for those employers who are providing employees with benefits such as group term life insurance policies, board and/or lodging, housing and travel assistance, or autmobile assistance.

How To Complete The Record Of Employment (ROE)
This guide from Service Canada explains what the Record of Employment (ROE) is, when an employer has to fill out a ROE, and provides detailed instructions on completing the document.

Convenient menu payroll page from the Canada Revenue Agency, which includes a Payroll Deductions Online Calculator (PDOC), and information on topics such as Calculating Deductions, Employer Information Returns, TD1 For Employees, and Payments.

Payroll Deductions - Rules for Gifts and Awards
Employers' gifts and awards to employees are now tax-deductible. This Canada Revenue Agency page gives the details.

T4 Forms Information
This hub of information on T4 slips for employers includes when and how to complete T4 slips and summary forms and information on penalties and special situations(Canada Revenue Agency).

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