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Provincial Sales Tax (PST)

Whether it's called a retail sales tax (RST) or a provincial sales tax (PST), you may need to collect provincial tax as part of your business. Find out how the PST applies to your Canadian small business.

Do I Have to Register for PST or RST?
Whether or not you have to register for, charge and collect Provincial Sales Taxes depends on what province or territory your business is in. Here are the details.

The PST (RST) for Small Businesses
Do you have to charge PST or RST on the products and/or services your small business offers? This PST overview explains how provincial sales taxes apply to small businesses in different Canadian provinces and what each province's provincial sales tax rates are.

How to Invoice With PST
Once you've sold the product or provided the service, it's invoice time. Here's what information has to be on your invoice and a sample invoice using PST that you can use as an invoice template.

Does Your Business Need to Register for BC PST?
Whether located inside or outside British Columbia, your Canadian business may need to charge, collect and remit BC PST. Find out if yours does and how to register if you do here.

How To Charge and Remit Retail Sales Tax in Manitoba
An outline of the process of charging, collecting, and remitting retail sales tax (RST) in Manitoba, using the example of a small retail business.

How To Charge and Remit Provincial Sales Tax in Saskatchewan
An outline of the process of charging, collecting, and remitting provincial sales tax (PST) in Saskatchewan, using the example of a small retail business.

PST and Ecommerce - Charging Provincial Sales Tax on Online Sales
All the usual taxes need to be charged on online sales as well as offline. This article explains how to handle provincial sales taxes (PST) on your online sales.

PST - RST Definition
An explanation of PST (also known as RST) and how the PST or RST applies to small businesses, with related resources.

Manitoba Retail Sales Tax
Find bulletins, notices, and the retail sales tax forms you need by clicking on the appropriate link. To find out whether or not you need to register for the PST, follow the 'Pamphlets' link and then select "Do I Need To Register? Retail Sales Tax..."

Nova Scotia - Harmonized Sales Tax Registration
Who needs to register for the HST, how to register, and where to get more information about the Harmonized Sales Tax.

Prince Edward Island Revenue Tax (PST)
This index page links to forms for registering to collect the PST, and information about the PST such as appeals, refunds and payments.

Quebec Sales Tax (QST) and GST/HST
This table of contents will lead you through the process of registering for, collecting, and reporting provincial sales taxes in Quebec - and inform you about the special rules that exist under the Quebec Sales Tax system.

Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax
This index on the PST in Sakatchewan includes information on vendor responsibilities, rates, bulletins on the PST, and a link to a page where you can download forms such as the Application For Vendor's license.

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