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Small Business Makeover

A Series of Workouts to Make Your Small Business Strong & Healthy


Is your small business the success you want it to be?

If not, maybe your business isn't ready for it. If your small business is going to achieve what you want it to achieve, it has to be fit. Not necessarily lean and mean, but strong and healthy enough to run efficiently and tackle new challenges.

That's what this Small Business Makeover series is all about; getting your small business into shape so it can be successful. Because business success doesn't just happen; business success has to be worked at and prepared for.

The Small Business Makeover consists of a "workout" each week which focus on increasing your business success by improving a particular aspect of your business. You can do all of The Small Business Makeover workouts in order or cherry pick the topics you’re most concerned about, although I would hope you would do all of them to achieve the maximum benefit for your small business.

Here are all five Small Business Makeover workouts:

1. Do some business planning.

Create a Business Action Plan that will provide your small business direction for the coming year or longer. When you've completed it, you will have a Vision Statement, a Mission Statement and specific business goals that enable you to put your business planning into action.

2. Take charge of your business finances.

Follow the steps in this business finance makeover, from separating your personal and business finances through financial statement analysis, to make sure that your business finances are in good shape.

3. Improve your customer service.

Learn how to provide good customer service, the kind of customer service that builds customer loyalty, gives positive word-of-mouth advertising, and increases sales.

4. Manage your IT needs.

Information Technology management for small businesses tends to be a piecemeal affair, something that's ignored until something goes wrong. This Information Technology Makeover will help you address this problem and get your small business's Information Technology organized.

5. Market your business effectively.

Learn how to avoid wasting time and money on ineffective marketing strategies and how to pick and implement effective marketing strategies instead – marketing strategies that result in more sales and more profits for your small business.

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