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Everything you need to manage your small office or home office, from design tips through organization, office management, equipment and business software.
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7 Ways to Control Chaos in Your Small Business
Don't let chaos get the best of your small business. Once you start applying these seven principles of good office management, you'll be amazed at the difference good office management makes - and how much more business you do.

7 Ways to Make Record Management Easy
While most of us consider business record management to be scut work and tend to give it a low priority, good record management not only makes our working lives easier, but can give us real stress relief at tax time. These seven tips will help you make record management easy.

Why Cloud Computing Is Ideal for Small Businesses
Cloud computing can make running your office both easier and cheaper. Read all about the advantages of cloud computing here.

5 Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
Should your small business get into cloud computing in a big way or not? Reading about these disadvantages of cloud computing will help you make up your mind.

Getting Started With Google Apps for Business: Registration
Having problems trying to sign up for Google Apps? Here's what I learned about Google registration when trying to sign up for Google Apps for Business without a website – so you can avoid the problems I had.

How to Set Up Google Business Apps
Interested in using Google Apps for Business instead of Microsoft Office to create and share documents, email and websites? Here's how to set up Google Business Apps.

How to Set Up Gmail
This article explains how to set up Gmail for Google Business Apps, including how to set up Postini for email filtering, with tips for getting through the Gmail setup process.

How to Make a Google Site
This article explains how to make a Google site with Google Apps for Business using the example of the Intranet Google sites template.

What to Look For in a CRM System for Small Business
Good CRM software or an online CRM system gives you the tools you need to provide the kind of CRM that delights your customers and improves your bottom line. Here's what to look for in a CRM system for small business.

5 Inexpensive Online CRM Solutions for Small Businesses
Good online CRM lets you pick a CRM plan and get on with the important business of managing your client or customer relationships. This is especially important for small businesses that don't have IT departments. Here are my picks for good online CRM solutions for small businesses.

10 File Management Tips
Keeping the files on your computer and mobile devices organized and up-to-date is a real productivity booster. These file management tips will help you keep your computer files accessible and easy to find.

3 Steps to Creating a Document Management System
You can put the basics of a document management system in place without purchasing any special software or going through wholesale document imaging. Your document management system doesn’t have to be complex; you just have to invest some time in planning and implementing it. Here’s how to create and implement a document management plan for small...

Small Office Home Office (SOHO)
A Small Office Home Office (SOHO) definition that touches on why the number of small office home office businesses has been rising exponentially.

Organize Your Small or Home Office Course
Whether you're just setting up a small or home office or just frustrated with how all the clutter in your office space is interfering with your productivity, this free 7 week course will show you how to get your office organized and turn your office space into a work space. Follow the link to go to the sign up page and get a lesson delivered to your inbox once a week.

Organize Your Office and Improve Your Office Design
You can have the most attractive, up-to-date office design available and still not be able to accomplish what you need to do unless you organize your office. These 12 steps to organize your office will show you how to organize your desk and your office space so that you have an office design you can both appreciate and work in.

5 Small Manageable Things You Can Do to Organize Your Home Office Right Now
Is a messy, cluttered home office slowing you down? If you're not quite ready for a full makeover but desperately need more home office organization, here are five small manageable things you can do to organize your home office right now.

10 Steps to Childproofing Your Home Office
Being able to spend more time with your children is one of the great things about working at home. But if your children are going to be spending any time in your home office, you need to make sure your office is a safe place for them to be. These ten steps to childproofing your home office will help ensure that you can all cohabit in your office space safely.

The Green Office Guide
The typical office provides hundreds of opportunities for going green. This green office guide presents going green ideas for the office that are easy to implement and will make a considerable difference over time.

Where to Recycle Computers in Canada
There are more places to recycle computers in Canada than ever before. See if one of these computer recycling options will work for you before you dump your old computer into a landfill.

7 Computer Ergonomics Tips
Headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, neck pain - simple adjustments to your equipment and your work habits can prevent all these problems related to computer work. Protect yourself and your employees with these ergonomics tips.

Your Ergonomic Tips
An ergonomic workspace makes for healthier, happier work. Share your tips for creating an ergonomic workspace here.

Write a Review: Canadian Tax Software
Does the Canadian tax software you've tried live up to its promises? Use this form for tax software reviews to share what you think of the Canadian tax software or online income tax preparation service you've used. See submissions

Broadband Phone Services & Small Business Don't Mix Yet
Broadband phones are hot. But that doesn't necessarily mean that broadband phone services are a good deal for small businesses. Here's why most small businesses should ignore broadband phone services and stick with their landlines.

New Phone Systems Are Smart Answers for Small Business
Full featured business phone systems have traditionally been out of reach for small businesses but the smart new generation of small business phone systems have all of the features of their larger counterparts without the big business prices.

Your Picks for the Best Digital Voice Recorders Under $100
What are the best digital voice recorders that cost less than $100 USD and have the ability to upload files to a computer? Add your suggestion for the best digital voice recorder under $100 here.

Digital Recorder Reviews
Do you have a digital recorder? Use this form for digital recorder reviews to share what you think is the best digital recorder or why you found a particular voice recorder disappointing.See submissions

Top Label Printers
Label printers can be real time-savers. Portable labeling systems are a godsend for labeling wires and cables while desktop label printers eliminate the need to feed individual sheets of labels through a regular printer. Here are the best label printers for office and industrial use.

Write a Review: CRM Reviews
Do you use CRM software or web CRM? Use this form for CRM reviews to share what you think of the CRM software or web CRM you've used.See submissions

Mobile Office Buying Guide
Get buying advice on laptop computers, LCD projectors, and digital voice recorders and find recommended products with this buying guide for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to do business anywhere and any time.

Is an Electric Vehicle suitable for your Business?
Find out if an electric vehicle suitable for your small business.

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