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Thinking of starting a small business in Canada? Here is the information you'll need about business ideas, start up, business registration, and how to write a business plan.
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12 Facts About Starting a Business in Canada
Twelve things you need to know before starting a business in Canada.

Steps for Starting a Business
Make your dream of starting a business a reality with this guide to the steps to follow when starting a business in Canada. Includes links to starting a business resources, such as writing a business plan.

The Best Business Opportunities 2014
If you’re pondering what small business you might start, check out this list of what I think are the best business opportunities right now.

The Best Business Opportunities 2013
Is this the year that you’re finally going to start a business? Then this list of the best business opportunities of 2013 is a must-read.

8 Things Every Startup Needs to Know
Eight things everyone involved in a business startup should consider before they start the process, from my experience of having been through it.

Top 10 Business Mistakes When Starting a Business
Make any of these mistakes when you’re starting a business and you could quickly see all the work and money you’ve invested in your new business go down the drain. Find out what they are and how you can avoid them during startup.

Where Can I Find Wholesalers?
Need to know how to find wholesalers for the products you want to sell in your new small business? Use this guide to where and how to look.

How to Find Suppliers - Dos and Don'ts
Make your search for suppliers for your small business more successful with these tips for finding suppliers.

What's Best: Buying a Business or Starting a Small Business From Scratch?
One of the first decisions you have to make when you're thinking of starting a small business is whether you should be buying a business or starting a small business from scratch. Here's what you need to consider.

Top 10 Home Business Opportunities
Searching for hot home-based business opportunities? Then this list of the best home-based business opportunities may be just what you're looking for, the best opportunities because of their potential right now and because there's only going to be a growing demand for these products and services in the future.

Starting a Business: Finding Business Ideas
Sometimes the hardest part of starting a business is coming up with a viable idea. Follow the links on this page to find small business ideas and home based ideas that will get you over the ideas hurdle and onto actually starting your new business.

Home Based Business Ideas Gallery
Browse this gallery of home-based business ideas – and find a home based business idea that fits your talents and your budget.

Starting a Business Quiz
Are you one of those people wondering if starting a business is right for you? This starting a business quiz will help you decide whether or not the time is right for you to start your own business.

Your Small Business Advice
People who have been there and done that are always one of the best resources when you're trying to learn something - and learning how to best run a small business is no exception. Read the advice of others and share your advice.

Starting a Small Business in Canada Course
Thinking of starting a business but don't know where to start? Wondering what steps you need to go through to make your new business legal or wrestling with writing a business plan? This free 10 week email course will lead you through the process of starting a business in Canada - step by step.

Starting a Business FAQs
Have questions about starting a business? Check these FAQs first.

What Type of Business Should You Start?
If you want to start a business, there's a world of bewildering possibilities out there. This five-step plan will lead you through the decision making process for figuring out what type of business you truly want to start.

Thinking of Starting a Small Business?
Learn what abilities you need to get a successful business off the ground and about the qualities of successful entrepreneurs so you can decide whether starting a small business is right for you.

Starting a Business: Choosing a Business Name
When choosing a business name, there are two things to consider; the business name's marketing potential and its legal elements. This page explains how to choose the right business name for your new business for those starting small businesses in Canada.

Starting a Business: Choosing a Form of Business
Choosing the right form of business is important because the form of business you choose will govern how your business is organized, how the money is handled, and how your business is taxed. These resources will help you choose a business structure when you're starting a small business in Canada.

Starting a Business: Register a Business Name
How to register a business name in different Canadian provinces, whether your new business is a new sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation.

Starting a Business: Finding Small Business Financing
While many new small businesses are financed out of their owners' pockets, many others need an infusion of funds from other sources to get off the ground. Here are the main small business financing options for financing a new business in Canada.

Choosing a Form of Business Ownership
Need to know how to legally set up your business? This explanation of business structures includes definitions of the common forms of business in Canada.

The Two Main Problems of Starting a Small Business
There are two main problems to starting a small business: getting your small business to make money and paying your bills and living expenses in the meantime. Here's a discussion of these two main problems to starting a small business and how you can overcome them.

How I Got Into Starting a Small Business
Small business owners share their stories of starting a small business. If you’re a small business owner, share your starting a small business story here.

Reader Stories: How I Got Into Starting a Small Business
Readers share their stories about how they got into starting small businesses - and share their advice for making starting a small business a smoother, more successful experience.

Why Do Small Businesses Fail?
Why do small businesses fail? Because of poor planning mainly. This article presents five areas of planning that need to be thought out before you start a small business and resources to help you do the planning that needs to be done so you can avoid business failure.

How to Start Your Own Business
Five common reasons why people put off starting a business - and the information you need so you can move past these excuses and get on with achieving your dream and starting your own business.

Don't Let Fear of Failure Stop You From Starting a Small Business
"I'd like to start a business but..." Is fear of failure preventing you from starting a small business? Here's how to conquer your fear so you can move forward and start the small business you’ve long wanted to start.

Don't Do What You Love When Starting Your Own Business
One of the most common pieces of advice to people thinking of starting a small business is to do what they love. But that’s wrong. Here’s why doing what you love is a bad idea if you’re starting your own business.

Before You Start a Home-Based Business
Is starting a home-based business right for you?Here's how to judge the suitability of your neighbourhood and house, and how well your family and personality suit a home-based business.

Five Resources You Need to Succeed
Are you a "Type D" person? Do you have sufficient start-up capital? These are only two of the five resources you must have if in place before starting a successful small business.

From Salaried to Solo: 7 Financial Strategies
Interested in starting a business but worried about how you'll keep the money coming in to pay the bills while you do it? Nina Ham explains how it can be done.

Breakeven Analysis
A definition of the business term breakeven analysis and how to do a breakeven analysis - so you can tell whether or not you're starting a business that will be viable.

12 Unique Business Ideas
The business ideas in this collection range from dealing with head lice through doing strange things with road kill, but they all have one thing in common; all of them are real businesses that make money.

Best Small Business Ideas for Businesses That Will Prosper in Tough Times
If you're looking to start a small business when times are tough, look first to those businesses that address needs that will always have to be met. Here are ten such ideas for businesses to start for you to choose from.

6 Fall Small Business Ideas
Businesses don't have to be long-lived to make money. Start one of these businesses and start profiting from the changes that the fall season brings to people's lives.

Got a Job? Start a New Business!
The best time to start being self-employed is when you're already employed. You'll only be able to work at or in your business part-time, but you'll have these three big advantages that will smooth your business start up and give your new business a better chance of success.

The Self-Employment Program: One of the Best Small Business Grants in Canada
If you're starting a business and looking for small business grants in Canada, you have to check out the federal government's Self-Employment Program. Find out what the Self-Employment Program offers and if it's for you.

The Canada Small Business Financing Program
Whether you're looking for new business financing or for financing for your established small business, the Canada Small Business Financing Program is a good deal. Here are the details of this federal small business loan program and how your Canadian small business can apply.

10 Baby Boomer Trends & How to Profit From Them
The baby boomer market is an extremely desirable market because of its sheer size. Learn how you can get a piece of the baby boomer market with these small business ideas based on baby boomer trends.

Halloween - A Really Sweet Business Opportunity
These Halloween statistics prove that those Halloween jack-o-lanterns are packed with business opportunities. Get inspired with these Halloween business ideas.

10 Best Small Business Ideas for Students
Start your own business this summer, working for yourself rather than working for someone else. While some people are still looking for a summer job, your own business will already be up and running - and making money. Here are the best business ideas for students.

Do I Have to Register my Business Name?
Do you have to register a business name when you're starting a business? This FAQ has the answer - and explains why you might want to register your business name even if you don't have to.

Do I Have to Register for PST or RST?
Find out whether or not you need to register your new business here with links to PST/RST registration information.

Do I Need a Business Bank Account?
Do you have to open a business bank account? This Starting a Business FAQ has the answer - and some advice for finding the best business bank account.

Do I Need a Business Number and How Do I Get a Business Number?
Does your Canadian business need a Business Number? And how do you get a Business Number if you need one? Learn who needs a Business Number and how to register for one if you do.

Do I Need to Register for GST?
Do you need to register for GST when you start a small business? Learn which businesses need to register for GST in Canada and which don't - and why you might want to register for GST even if you don't have to.

Non-Canadians - How to Open a Business in Canada
Are you a non-Canadian who has an established business in your own country and would like to open a business in Canada? Or are you a non-Canadian who would like to start a company in Canada? Here’s how to open a business in Canada.

The Best Business Opportunities of 2012
Thinking of starting a business in 2012 and wondering what the best business to start might be? Here are some ideas for the best business opportunities for 2012.

The Best Business Opportunities of 2011
What are the best business opportunities of 2011? 2011, like 2010, is another year where consumer markets will be dominated by the perceived needs of baby boomers. Here are my predictions for the best business opportunities for 2011.

Top 5 Business Trends 2012
If you're thinking of starting a business, these five business trends of 2012 will provide you with inspiration (and clues for where the profits are).

The Best Business Opportunities of 2010
What are the best business opportunities of 2010? Green is where the money is this year, from green technologies to food produced in more environmentally friendly ways. Here are my predictions for the best choices for 2010.

Do I Need to Write a Business Plan?
Writing a business plan is especially critical when you’re starting a business. Here’s why writing a business plan should be one of the first things you do once you’ve decided to start a business with information on how to write a business plan.

Franchise Definition
A definition of franchise and some franchise resources for small business owners.

How to Get Your New Business Name Right
A business name differentiates you from your peers, peaks customer interest, and invites further investigation - if you do it right. Here’s how to pick the right new business name by applying six critical elements.

How Do I Find Small Business Start Up Money?
How do you find small business start up money? Learn what the most common sources of small business start up money are and get tips for finding the start up money you need.

How do I Register my Business?
How to register a business in Ontario and other provinces and the basic process to register a business.

How to Do GST Registration in Canada
This FAQ explains the GST registration process and provides the numbers and/or forms necessary to complete your GST registration.

Graduation Gifts for Grads Going into Business
If your grad is headed for the business world, why not give a graduation gift that will contribute to his or her future success? Check out these business-related graduation gift ideas.

7 Inexpensive Business Ideas
Want to start a business but don’t have a lot of money to invest or time to invest in developing specialized skills? Then you’ll want to have a look at this list of business ideas for profitable businesses you can start inexpensively and quickly. And all of them would work as home-based businesses, too.

Top 7 Myths About Starting a Small Business
Here are some of the most common (and enduring) myths about starting a small business. If you’re basing your expectations of starting a business on any of these myths, you’re going to be disappointed.

5 Rules for Choosing a Business Name
Choosing a business name is one of the most important things you’ll do during the process of starting a business. These five rules for choosing a business name will help you create a business name that’s easy for your customers to remember and good for business promotion too.

Should You Buy a Franchise?
Are you cut out to be a franchisee? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchise and what to expect when buying a franchise to help you decide.

Should I Incorporate my Business?
An explanation of the incorporation issues you need to consider to help you decide whether or not to incorporate your business.

Starting Your Own Business Resources
Find the information you need about starting a business of a specific type with these starting your own business articles from starting a Bed and Breakfast through becoming a Web Designer.

Top 10 Tips for Starting a Business That Will Succeed
My top ten pieces of start up business advice will help you avoid common pitfalls and start a business that has staying power.

6 Traits You Need to Move From Employee to Self-Employed
The six traits that encapsulate the ways you have to think and behave if you want to make a successful transition from being employed in some one else's business to starting a business of your own.

The Two Paths to Starting a Business
The two paths to starting a business may end up at the same place, with you running a successful established small business, but one of the paths is a lot longer and more rock-strewn than the other. Which will you choose?

One-Stop Business Startup Resources
Starting a business? Find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur and information about all the steps of starting a successful business in this collection of features from About.com.

Can I Start a Small Business in Canada When I'm Not Living in Canada?
Is starting a business in Canada possible when you're a nonresident? Yes, as long as certain conditions are met as this entry in the Starting a Business FAQ explains.

Can I Start a Business When I'm in Canada on a Work Permit?
Wondering if you can start a business in Canada when you’re in the country on a Canada work permit? If so, here's the answer to your question.

What's the Best Time for Starting a Business?
What’s the best time for starting a business? It’s got nothing to do with how old you are, as this entry in the Starting a Business FAQ explains.

What Is a Business Model?
The very first step of starting a business is choosing a business model. Here's what you need to know about the different business models available.

What's the Difference Between a Business Name and a Business Number?
Learn the difference between a business name and a business number and whether or not your business has to have both.

What if someone else is using the same business name?
What can you do is someone else is using the same business name as yours? The answer depends on how you've structured your business.

When Does a Business Start?
You would think that when your business starts would be obvious when you’re starting a business – but that’s not the case. Here’s the lowdown on when your business officially starts.

Pink Slips to Deposit Slips
Start your own business after a layoff. About Small Business Information Guide Darrell Zahorsky presents the five top tips for the unemployed before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Info-Guide - Starting a Business in Quebec
Use this section of the Info-Entrepreneurs website to find tools,guides and programs to help you start a business in this province.

Legal Requirements: Starting a Business in B.C.
This page from Small Business BC provides information on business structures, how to register your business in B.C., and links to two Starting a Business checklists.

Self-Employment Program
This program provides "unemployed EI eligible individuals with financial support, planning assistance and mentoring while they get their businesses up and running". HRSDC Canada no longer administers the program but this page provides eligibility information and links to provincial agencies.

Starting Your Business
How to calculate your start-up costs, a marketing worksheet, sample business plans and more all from Business Know-How (American).

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