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What's the GST/HST registration process?


What's the GST/HST registration process?

Goods and Services Tax Registration is Easy

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Question: What's the GST/HST registration process?


Basically, for GST/HST registration, you apply to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for a GST/HST Registration Number (also known as a Business Number), which you then use on all your invoices, in your accounting system, and in all your tax-related correspondence with the CRA.

GST registration is quick and easy; you can complete your GST registration online, over the phone by calling the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-5525, or by downloading RC1- Request for a Business Number, filling out the form and mailing it to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Once your GST/HST registration is complete, you'll be ready to collect and remit the GST (or HST).

(Note that if your business is in Quebec, you need to contact Revenu Quebec instead at 1-800-567-4692 as they deal with GST/HST in that province.)

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