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Business Support

Sources of business support from government programs and business associations through business success stories. Includes support programs and services specific to aboriginal business, women in business, and young entrepreneurs.
  1. Aboriginal Business (5)
  2. Small Business Associations (7)
  3. Canada Business Centres (14)
  4. Young Entrepreneurs (4)
  5. Government Programs (10)
  6. Success Stories (16)
  7. Women in Business (34)

Joining Industry Organizations Has Many Benefits
Why bother joining an industry organization specific to your business or profession? Janice Byer explains the many benefits. Business networking is only the beginning.

Alberta Business Link Guest Advisor Program
This program gives you the opportunity to speak with management consultants, lawyers, accountants and financial representatives who volunteer their time to provide business advice. The service is free and operates on a first come, first served basis.

brightspark inc.
A technology business incubator for Internet and software companies, Brightspark provides business mentoring, contacts and resources to help Canadian startups get their products and services to the Internet market (Canadian).

National Research Council Canada Advisory Services
Industrial Technology Advisors (ITAs) provide business advice and assistance to NRC-IRAP clients through a national network of some 235 ITAs, located in 90 communities across Canada. They can help with every stage of the innovation process (National Research Council Canada).

Economic Development Association of B.C.
This professional society for economic and employment development practitioners in B.C. and the Yukon aims to broaden educational and professional development opportunities for its members, and act as an advisory resource on economic development issues and trends.

Disability WebLinks
Searchable database of information on federal, provincial and territorial government programs and related services for persons with disabilities (Human Resources Development Canada).

Peer Resources: Find a Mentor
Offers a wealth of resources for people interested in business mentoring, such as a list of potential mentors, an online form for potential matching with their database of mentors, and tips for finding a mentor.

Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement
OCETA is a not-for-profit corporation that provides business support services to help small and medium-sized enterprises overcome the barriers involved in the commercialization of new environmental technologies.

Regina Centre for Business Development
Go here for business counselling and business advice, referral services, and business support services such as workshops and information if you do business in the Regina, Saskatchewan area.

Industrial Technology Advisors
The Industrial Research Assistance Program provides advisors who will work with you onsite to guide you through the technological challenges you face as you develop new products, processes, or services. The program's mandate is to stimulate innovation in small and medium-sized businesses.

Federal Budget 2009 Aid for Canadian Small Business
What's in the federal budget 2009 for Canadian small businesses? This article examines the Budget 2009 proposals that directly target small businesses and a few that, while they don't directly target small businesses, will have a strong effect on them.

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