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Business Expenses as Tax Deductions Index

Business Expenses & Tax Deductions for Canadian Businesses


Canadian business deductions.

Reasonable business expenses may be deducted - but there are rules.

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This is a general list of business expenses for small businesses. Click on the linked business expenses in the list to be taken to pages with more information about using that particular business expense as a tax deduction.

Note: This list of business expenses is not inclusive. If the item you’re thinking of using as a business tax deduction isn’t on this list, that doesn’t mean it’s not a legitimate business expense. Check with your accountant or with the CRA if you’re in doubt about the tax deduction potential of a particular business expense.

Business Expenses

Business Expenses and Tax Deductions Especially for Home-Based Businesses

Employer-paid premiums for Canada or Québec Pension Plan contributions, Employment Insurance, Workers' Compensation, and sickness, accident, disability or income insurance plans are also tax deductions.

When you are working with business expenses as tax deductions, you will also want to know about Capital Cost Allowance. This page of "Tax Strategies To Maximize Your Business Tax Deductions" explains how to make the most of your Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) tax claim.

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