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Share Your Story: My Worst Customer Service Experience

By Jayne

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My Worst Customer Service Experience

I was in a big box store, hunting for something. I passed three employees (they were wearing smocks, so I knew they worked there). They were busy talking "shop". I intentionally "looked" like I was hunting but no one stopped to address my needs. I finally walked up to them and said, "I don't think you know who I am" (I was dressed in business attire). They stopped, looked puzzled, like maybe I was from the home office!!! Then I said, "I am your customer; can you help me!"

I did get the information I needed after that.

How I Make Sure This Doesn't Happen to My Customers

I offer assistance BEFORE they ask. I provide a FAQ on my website and do public speaking about my industry. Provide marketing material with tips. Get feedback on services provided to happy customers. Respond quickly to customers that have a issue.

Lessons learned

  • Anticipate customer needs, and go beyond the obvious. Either have a FAQ on your website, handy tip sheets, give seminars to educate, etc.

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