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Readers Respond: What Are the Top Benefits of Owning Your Own Business?

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There are two types of people in the world; those that work for themselves and those that work for somebody else. And the majority of people who own their own businesses would never go back and work for somebody else because they don’t want to give up the benefits they enjoy as small business owners. So what do you think are the top benefits of owning your own business? Share Your Thoughts.

Anywhere - Anytime

With an online business, I can work anywhere, anytime. The significant problem is when to stop. With our other offline business, when it was small, we worked all of the time at the business. But, we loved our products and our customers and our growing numbers of employees. Now, we still need to be there, but not as often, because we have employees we can depend on. No bosses, unlimited income potential, and freedom, change, choice, and challenge. Nothing else brings so much potential.

Family Control

I wanted to be home with my young children -- but like many families, we needed my income. Operating a business out of my home has required that I sacrifice some comforts (i.e. sleep!), but I am able to be there for my kids when they wake-up, when they are sick and when they do something wonderful. I have found immense personal and professional satisfaction from this arrangement.

Let me count the ways!

Freedom from harassment from a boss probably tops my list with flexibility close behind. I have an online business, so being location agnostic is a big plus too. I'm in my "encore" career so travel is very important to me. I can keep up with business from just about anywhere.
—Guest Joanne


As a small business owner, I have much greater control over my own life. I'm not worrying about whether an employer is going to suddenly go broke or decide to lay me off in the interests of saving money. My success is based on my own actions, not someone else's.

Freedom from Bosses!

I have worked many years for a variety of companies, so when I had the opportunity to create my own business, one of the big benefits was being free from having someone tell me what to do. I'm free to make my own decisions - right or wrong - and get the benefits from them. I also love learning about my business and it's OK if I make mistakes.

I'm Location Independent

Because of running our own business, we can live anywhere in the world. We have been in Ecuador for two years now - as we run our online business. Find it hard to imagine having to become an employee...


Flexible schedule. I have the flexibility to live my (non-work) life the way I want. I can do fun stuff when and how I want. It comes with a tradeoff... you also have to make yourself do the work that needs to be done, perhaps at non-traditional times. But that makes everything -- both work and pleasure -- feel like a choice instead of an obligation.
—Guest JP


For me, there are hundreds of perks that come with being a business owner. I really have very few complaints! One of the benefits at the top of the list would have to be the freedom to do what I want for my business, when I want to do it, while being as creative as I feel like being, organizing my work and schedule in a way that fits my personality best and knowing that in the end, I am entirely responsible for my own success.

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